Application Development Graduate

How did you hear about Summit?
I heard about Summit through my family. I chose to enroll because I needed a change in my career path and Summit really seemed like the way to do that for me.


What program did you study at Summit and why?
I chose the Application Development program because no one I knew was doing it. I noticed that I’m really good at what I do when I have to learn from people that are not close to me. What I didn’t know is that this choice would lead me to the path that I’ve been looking for.


What is the most important skill you learned?
Aside from the trade skills I picked up at Summit, I learned to hone my skills in networking. On day one, my classmates connected. To this day we still stay in active touch with each other and continue to bounce ideas off one another.


What is your career goal?
My career goal is to create a project, and produce a service or product to launch.


Where do you currently work?
I work for U.S. Bank as an apprentice Software Engineer.


What advice do you have for those interested in Summit Academy?
When you start you class make sure to stay connected with everyone. If you decide to learn alone you will struggle. Open a chat to connect with all your peers. Keep each other accountable as well as be patient with one another. There will be hard times and bad times. Some more then others. If someone is struggling, help them. Not only will that help them succeed, but it will help you understand the information better.


How did attending Summit Academy make you feel?
As a whole it was a great experience. If it ever has a Scrum Master Program I may come back just for that.