Medical Administrative Assistant

How did you hear about Summit?
As a member of the community, I have always known about it. I kept seeing ads on Facebook and had multiple friends attend Summit so I thought I would come, too. 


What program did you study at Summit and why?
I first took the Community Healthcare Worker program, but then pandemic hit only two months into my CHW role. I came back to Summit to further my education with the Medical Administrative Assistant (MAA) program. I felt the job responsibilities of a MAA better suited my goals and personality. Especially with the pandemic, MAA skills are in high demand.

What is the most important skill you learned?
Communicating and networking. This place is like a second home for me, I am comfortable breaking out of my shell here.

What was your life like before attending Summit?
I worked at Hy-Vee as a clerk where I stocked shelves in the health department. I didn’t have a proper sense of direction for where I wanted to take my life until I came to Summit.


What is your career goal?
A career in healthcare that allows me to work closely with people and really get to connect.


How does attending Summit make you feel?
I like this place, the staff, and the teachers. It is one-on-one and personal. I get to talk to the teachers like they are my friends. Many of the women in leadership feel like older sisters or moms to me. I can’t get that anywhere else.   


How has your experience changed you?
It’s made me mature a lot. I have always had it inside of me, but I have learned how to use the tools I have and apply it. Summit gave me a sense of direction for my life.


What advice do you have for those interested in Summit Academy?
Open up and speak up. Know how to use all of your resources at Summit. Take it seriously, this is like a second chance for anyone.