GED & Carpentry Graduate

How did you hear about Summit?
[A friend] had a son who graduated from Summit’s carpentry program and she suggested I check out Summit.


What program did you study at Summit and why?
I first started in the tutoring program and then was able to pass the TABE test to get into the GED program. I studied, studied, studied to pass that. Now I am in Phase II of the carpentry program. I chose construction due to my felony background, but then I decided to do the carpentry program because I like to work with my hands. 


What is the most important skill you learned?
Not everybody’s the same. Everyone loves everyone at Summit. They are adamant to see people succeed. 


What is your career goal?
To keep learning and make my daughter’s future better. 


How did attending Summit Academy make you feel?
I love Summit. They have given me a lot of time, patience and opened a lot of doors. I have never been shown so much tolerance, patience and love from strangers. Summit believed in me and gave me opportunities. No one has ever been there for me like this school has. This school makes me feel good, loved and welcomed always.  


How has your experience changed you?
Summit showed me how to delete things that weren’t a profit to my life. I had to get my schoolwork done and show up to class so that pulled me out of negative situations. I learned how to prioritize my life. 


What advice do you have for those interested in Summit Academy?
Be open minded and be you. Don’t change who you are because coming to Summit will give you so many opportunities. Come to Summit ready and determined to learn. Don’t let your circumstances or life situation detour you from where you want your life to go because Summit will get you there. 


What was your life like before attending Summit?
Hanging on the streets, not focused and a big bag of rumbled. I am now more focused and determined. I love the way it makes me feel and how much I have accomplished. People ask me which school I go to and I am proud to say Summit Academy OIC. Before I came to Summit I was nothing to myself, but they gave me a badge to wear, my Summit badge.