Medical Administrative Assistant

When did you attend Summit?
I attended the MAA program in September 2019.


How did you hear about Summit?
I saw Summit’s sign when I was driving by the school.


What was your career path prior to attending Summit?
Before coming to Summit I was in customer service and also worked as a debt collector.


Why did you choose to study the MAA program?
I chose the MAA program because I love talking on the phone. I was already certified in Microsoft Office Suite and wanted to learn new applications for that skill set.


What do you feel are the most important skills you learned at Summit?
Honesty, confidence and consistency.


What is your career goal?
My career goal has recently changed, and I currently own a business.


Tell us about your job.
I own a body studio where I offer beauty products and soon will offer body contouring services. I learned to manage my business from Summit. I learned graphics from the computer class and information about the body from the Medical Terminology class. Summit also taught me how to be on time and to go after anything that I want.


What do you like most about your job?
Helping women believe in themselves by teaching them about their body and to be the best versions of themselves.


What advice do you have for those interested in programs at Summit?
Be ready to learn and to be held accountable. 


What did you like most about attending Summit?
The staff is absolutely amazing. During my time at Summit, my mom passed and they made sure to check on me. The staff treated me like family. 


How did attending Summit make you feel?
Attending Summit was the best experience of my life. I really felt like the staff cared about me. They gave me so much support and pushed me to go further. They also helped out with a lot of other things that I was going through mentally.